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Halsey defends Princess of Wales Kate Middleton
admin / Mar 23rd, 2024   News

Halsey posted some thoughts on her Instagram stories regarding Kate Middleton (aka Catherine, Princess of Wales), and the public speculation regarding her absence from the public eye due to recovering from abdomen surgery after the Princess was forced to reveal she has cancer. You can read what Halsey said below or see her original post in the gallery here.

hope the people and the media who sensationalized a woman’s desire for privacy following a known health incident are experiencing regret and remorse.

and by the way, that would stand even without the terrible news of her journey. I understand that when you have a public life certain things like this can get of hand. but god forbid someone needs a break for a few weeks or months, it’s no one’s business why.

And with respect to public life,

who you are and how you’re doing when you “sign u for this” is subject to change at any moment. And the newly changed ‘you’ in place (for whatever amount of time; days weeks years) may not have the same stamina or tolerance.

Halsey posts new GRWM using about-face beauty
admin / Mar 13th, 2024   about-face,News

Halsey has posted a new GRWM (Get Ready with Me) video on her about-face beauty page using the Factural Glitter Eye Paint in Fracture and the Volumising Mascara, both of which are currently 50% off for Ulta Beauty’s semi-annual beauty event. The sale only lasts 24 hours and may no longer be valid when seeing this post.

Halsey is interviewed by Bella Brave
admin / Mar 13th, 2024   Interviews,News

Halsey was interviewed by internet personality Bella Thomson aka Bella Brave, a 9-year-old girl with “genetic spontaneous mutation of three rare diseases – Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), Hirschsprung’s Disease, and Dwarfism – that left her with no immune system and a dead bowel.” [x] Bella has received 21 surgeries, undergone a bone-marrow transplant, and received countless needles throughout her life so far, including more than 850 days in hospital. Bella and her mother, Kyla, run Bella Brave, “an organization created to give back to the community and to inspire others.” [x]

Halsey undergoes surgery for endometriosis
admin / Feb 28th, 2024   News,Photos

Halsey shared two Instagram stories sharing that she recently underwent surgery for her endometriosis. She likely had laparoscopic surgery that removes endometrial tissue in order to reveal pain, though this is just speculation based on her posts. I am wishing Halsey a speedy recovery and hoping this surgery will help to reveal her pain.

Halsey attends friend’s birthday party
admin / Feb 25th, 2024   Candids,News,Photos

On February 17th (I think), Halsey attended her friend Brittney Berault’s birthday party. She was photographed with Brittney, Eric Giaimo, Maria Chon, and Garrett Hilliker.

Halsey spotted at Gelson’s with Avan Jogia
admin / Feb 6th, 2024   Avan Jogia,Candids,News,Photos

Halsey was spotted on February 1st with Avan Jogia at a Gelson’s supermarket. She was also seen carrying a handful of books, including ‘In the Miso Soup’ by Ryū Murakami.

90 Seconds with Halsey: Her first concert, favourite song to perform, and more
admin / Jan 26th, 2024   about-face,Interviews,News

The about-face and Ulta Beauty Instagram pages have posted a quick 90-second interview with Halsey, filmed in the aisles of an Ulta Beauty store. Check it out below!

Halsey celebrates about-beauty foundation launch at Ulta Beauty store
admin / Jan 22nd, 2024   about-face,Appearances,News,Photos

On January 21st, Halsey met fans at Ulta Beauty to celebrate the release of her new about-beauty foundation, The Performer.

Halsey talks to Vogue about creating her new foundation The Performer
admin / Jan 22nd, 2024   about-face,Interviews,News

Halsey recently spoke to Vogue about her new foundation The Performer. You can read the entire article below:

Ashley Frangipane—better known to the world as the artist Halsey—is dialing into our Zoom call while on break from “the studio.” Though unless you ask her to specify which one—recording, art, or makeup—it’s hard to know which they are currently spending their time in. For those unfamiliar with her varied CV, the 29-year-old is a painter and a self-taught makeup artist who founded the brand About-Face in 2021, and has recorded four studio albums, with a new one currently in production.

Today, we’re here to talk about their artistic creations from all studios, actually. “I can’t think of a better way to spend the duration of my life than being dedicated to making art,” Halsey, who identifies with both she and they pronouns, tells Vogue. Recently, she’s taken “scissors to a canvas,” bared her soul “eight days straight in the recording studio,” and created a new complexion product that’s gotten the gold-star approval of both the sweaty concert stage and motherhood.

“I touch my face a lot,” she says. “I’m doing it right now! I also have a two-year-old son, and he’s a big face toucher, too. And I’m too soft of a mom to say “Don’t touch my face.” So I needed [makeup] that could withstand grabby toddler hands and kisses from a toddler mouth, too.”

The result is a 45-shade foundation cheekily named The Performer, because not only was it created by a performer, but the product also withstood an all-out performance during the R&D phase—something that genuinely surprised the artist.

“I tested this formula out during a show,” they said. “When I walked off stage after two hours of singing and sweating, I took a selfie. Normally, at that point in the night I’m like ‘Nobody look at me, I need to take this makeup off’ but that was how I knew.” This is About-Face’s first-ever complexion product for a simple reason: “This is not a brand where we’re selling you the idea that you have something wrong with your face or something to correct about it or alter in any way,” Halsey says.

And while from the outside it may seem like a lot has changed since Halsey dropped their last studio album, Manic, in 2020, the artist says that all of her identities truly harmonize together perfectly.

“I made a really concerted effort to not change [my relationship with beauty] after my son was born,” she says. “I could come home in a full cyber-goth, black batwing eyeliner with black lipstick and black contact lenses, and my son sees right through it. He just sees his mom.”

Halsey attends The Performer foundation launch party
admin / Jan 20th, 2024   about-face,Appearances,News,Photos

Halsey attended the launch party for her about-face beauty foundation, The Performer, on January 18th. She also filmed a Get Ready With Me video with makeup artist Patrick Ta, which marks the first time in five years that she’s let anyone else do her makeup!

@patrickta Its A Need Not A Want @Halsey “Shes Wanted” Blush @Patrick Ta Beauty “The Performer” Foundation @about-face beauty ♬ I WANT SOMETHING THAT I WANT – sturniolo (taylor’s version)

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